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- Corporate Gifts For Your Valued Customers - 

The Cobb cooking system makes an ideal corporate gift. In many ways it is better than traditional gifts that companies have become so accustomed to handing out as it is the norm. Let our outdoor cooking products reflect your company's gratitude to its clients.

Often, a nice bottle of whiskey is given as a gift to retailers, customers and clients. These are appreciated by the people who receive them and are nice gifts. They open the bottle with a friend, finish it in 1 or 2 sittings and then the company that gave the gift is forgotten. A Cobb, branded with your company’s logo or even colors,  given instead of a bottle of alcohol, it could be used indefinitely. Even if the customer started using your competition instead of you, they still have the Cobb with your branding on it and so will still be advertising for you, FOR FREE.

Traditional gifts are also usually gifts that are meant for only one person, the receiver. Other gifts, such as alcohol or a night out, exclude families and friends. Imagine if your corporate gifts this year were able to be used by not only the person you gave them to, but also their families, relatives and friends. At the same time, they are advertising for you with the branding. Many people will ask where they got the gift and again your companies name will come up.

With just these 2 reasons you can see that a Cobb as a corporate gift is not only a gift, but an investment in advertising and the goodwill of your company.

Our Corporate Gift Packages

Packages can be assembled to suit every company’s individual needs. Below is a list of a few packages Cobb Taiwan has to offer. If you do not see exactly what you want, please get in touch with us and we can discuss what you are looking for and put together a tailor made package.

 If an order of 500 or more of the Cobb Pro is placed, the base of the Cobb Pro can be powder coated in your company’s colors serving not only as a gift but as a social and mobile advertisement. In addition to this, engraving of the dome can also be done if you wish for further personalize the Cobb Pro. With orders of 500 or more, the quality of the engraving and base powder coating is guaranteed to up to Cobb’s high standards as this will be done at our factory.

Basic Packages

This package consists of a Cobb unit only, be it the Cobb Pro, Cobb Premier, Cobb Gas or even the large Cobb Supreme. The dome cover can be engraved with your company’s logo, slogan, tagline or even the customer’s name.

Corporate Packages

This package offers everything a company would need to make an impact on the customers. It is a perfect thank you to a customer or client and geared at maximizing exposure for your company. In the Corporate Package you will have either the Cobb Premier or the Cobb Pro with a carrier bag included.

Goodwill Packages

If you are looking at going that little bit extra for your customers to show your appreciation for all the support they have shown you then this package is what you are looking for. It starts with the basic Cobb Premier or Cobb Pro and Carrier Bag. In addition to this, any 2 accessories are added to the package making the gift that much more special for the customer or client and allows your company to show your customers just how much they are appreciated by you.

Some accessories can be branded but regretfully not all of them can. If you are interested in having the accessories branded please feel free to get hold of us to find out which accessories can be branded or to get a quote.

Custom Packages

We at Cobb Taiwan strive for customer satisfaction and as a result offer a Custom Package which allows you to create the package for your customers exactly the way you want it. Please feel free to contact Cobb Taiwan in order to discuss what you would like and to get a free quote.

At Cobb Taiwan, we realize that not all companies may require 500 or more corporate gifts. If this is the case with your company, do not fear. Cobb Taiwan has sourced local businesses that offer high quality engraving and printing allowing smaller volumes to be ordered and customization to be done locally.