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Grilled food that looks as good as it tastes with the Cobb Griddle.
If you are a die hard carnivore or just a person with a discerning palette when it comes to meat, then the Cobb Griddle is the Cobb Cooker accessory for you. The Cobb Griddle has a grooved surface which gives meat the beautiful cross hatched sear marks that make a piece of meat, be it pork, beef, chicken or lamb, look as delicious as it the Cobb Griddle cooks it.
Kebabs, steaks, chicken fillets, drumsticks and even tofu and vegetables have never tasted so good with such ease. Use the Cobb Griddle to grill anything your heart desires.

Cobb Griddle

庫存單位: CT-CPA04-SO
  • Compatability
    Use with: Cobb Premier, Cobb Pro and Cobb Gas

    Weight: 720g
    Size: 29.6 x 29.6 x 3.2 cm

    Griddle: Teflon coated aluminum

    2 year international warranty

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