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This adds some extra height to the Cobb cooking space when you need it to cook something extraordinary. The chicken stand included with this accessory also helps to free up some valuable cooking space around the chicken allowing for some extra delights to be added into the meal. Perhaps your favorite vegetables or another type of meat just because you can with the Cobb.
The dome extension raises the height of the dome by 8cm giving extra room for larger joints to be cooked. The chicken stand allows the chicken being roasted to be stood on end as in the picture above.

Cobb Dome Extension

庫存單位: CT-CPA07-SO
  • Compatability
    Use with: Cobb Premier, Cobb Pro and Cobb Gas

    Size: 31.8cm diameter x 8cm height
    Weight: 650g

    Dome: food grade stainless steel
    Chicken stand: food grade stainless steel

    2 Year international warranty

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