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The Cobb Frying Pan is just the accessory to take you Cobb experience to the next level. Use it to cook delicious breakfast fry ups or  to cook mouth watering omelettes. Its versatility is only limited by your imagination.
Become the star of your own cook out by making homemade pizzas. The thick base and non-stick Teflon coating allow you to make the pizzas you the way you want them. Tired of roasting food when cooking outdoors? Why not a dd a zing to your cooking repertoire and fry up some seafood and ground beef for tacos or burritos.

Cobb Frying Pan

庫存單位: CT-CPA02-SO
  • Compatibility 
    Use with: Cobb Premier, Cobb Pro and Cobb Gas

    Size: 30cm diamter x 3.5cm height
    Weight: 1.1kg

    Frying Pan: Food grade 202 stainless steel
    Coating: Teflon 

    2 year international warranty

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