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This slightly smaller lighter version of the world famous Cobb Premier makes it the most portable full unit available. As with all the quality products of the Cobb Cooking System this little cooker is packed with versatility with a range of add on accessories to suit your every need. Even though the size may have reduced, it still boasts all the style of the Cobb flagship model.

Convenient and simple to use. Ideally suited to be usedwith the Cobb Cobblestone or other charcoal briquettes
Really portable, cook anything, anytime, anywhere
A healthier way to cook as drippings do not land on charcoal
Safer BBQ to handle - the base stays cool whilst cooking
Winner of several design awards including TIME Magazine and Vesta

Cobb Compact - Stainless Steel Mesh

庫存單位: CT-CPU-06
  • Dimensions

    • Weight: 3.2Kg
    • W 33cm : H 28cm
    • W 33cm : H 22cm (Dome inverted)


    • Made from stainless steel - all parts are dishwasher safe, except the mesh base which just needs wiping down
    • Inner Sleeve: Food grade stainless steel
    • Grill Grid: Certified Teflon PTFE covered aluminum, non-stick coating, free of PFOA 
    • Fire Grid: Mild steel


    • Guaranteed quality - 2 year warranty
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