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The multi-award-winning COBB Cooker is an up-market, lifestyle product developed 20 years ago in South Africa. Designed to minimize the risk of fires in rural areas while cooking, the use of dried corn cobs as a fuel source gave the now globally recognized brand its name.


Over the past 2 decades, COBB Global has listened to what its fanbase has had to say. To give Cobbers around the world a unique cooking experience with a multitude of cooking methods, the COBB range of products has been researched, improved and expanded on, making it one of the most versatile outdoor cooking systems available on the market.

The stylish accessories were meticulously designed to be effortlessly interchanged giving the freedom to cook anything from a simple steak to a 3-course meal. Measuring only 30cm x 30cm and weighing only  4kg, the highly portable going anywhere, cooking anything at anytime.

The COBB Cooker is eco-friendly needing only 300g of charcoal for up to 2 hours of cooking fun. This patented air-flow system coupled with the fact that the base remains cool to the touch while cooking, has cemented COBB's accolades of being a safer way to cook outdoors than its rivals.

Fats and grease drain away from the food and the coals when cooking on the COBB. This makes for a virtually smokeless cooking experience. A final compliment to the COBB Cooker is fact that it is a healthier way of cooking as the oils do not fall on the coals and burn but rather drip into the moat enhancing the flavor of the food being cooked.

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made of food grade stainless steel  with ventilation holes.


easy-to-clean Teflon® coated aluminum grill drains fats into moat


catches drained fats and oils and can be used to cook vegetables


secure place to hold your charcoal used as heat source


allows air to enter your COBB, remains cool the touch includes non-slip rubber feet


  • What fuel does the Cobb Cooker use?
    The Cobb Cookers come in 2 different options for fuel. Most models use charcoal. We find briquettes work the best needing only 300g. The gas model, as the name implies, uses gas as its fuel source.
  • How long can I cook on my Cobb?
    Using proper cooking methods and enough charcoal, about 6~10 briquettes, the Cobb can cook food for up to 2 hours when kept closed. When the Cobb is opened during cooking, or the lid is left off, this time becomes shorter. For baking, less charcoal is needed for the same length of time as cooking meals.
  • Where can I buy the Cobb Cobblestone in Taiwan?
    Unfortunately the Cobblestone is not yet available in Taiwan at this time as we cannot guarantee the long term quality of the product. We are working on finding a way to store them in Taiwan's humid environment in the future.
  • Why does my Cobb Cooker leak liquid when cooking?
    If you notice liquid leaking out of the base of your Cobb Cooker it may be due to being overfilled. The built in moat found in the the inner sleeve of the Cobb is designed to hold up to 200ml (6.5oz.) of liquid. Adding more than this will cause leaking to start.
  • Can the Cobb Cooker be used indoors?
    NO IT CANNOT. The Cobb Cooker is designed to be used outdoors due to it using charcoal as a fuel source. It is important to know that burning charcoal EMITS CARBON MONOXIDE. Carbon monoxide is POISONOUS and may lead to ADVERSE HEALTH EFFECTS or even LEAD TO DEATH. However, the Cobb Cooker can be used under balcony rooves, or sheltered areas as long as there is AMPLE VENTILATION and ADEQUATE AIR CIRCULATION.
  • How do I clean my Cobb Cooker?
    All elements of the Cobb Cooker as well as the accessories are dishwasher safe. The Cobb Cleaner is very effective when cleaning your Cobb. Ask your Cobb distributor for more details. Washing the Cobb soon after use is the best way to avoid stubborn marks clean your Cobb as soon after use as possible. Use hot water and a dishwashing detergent to remove grease and grime.- Avoid using abrasive pads on certain parts as this may cause unwanted damage. For really hard to clean patches. Soak the part in soapy hot water until cool enough to handle, then wash with a good dishwashing detergent. For more information, download the User Manual.


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