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the best way to barbecue and cook outdoors

The award winning Cobb Cooker is an up-market, multipurpose, lifestyle product developed for people who enjoy food, cooking and socializing. Weighing only 4.5kg it is the most portable, and at the same time versatile, outdoor cooker. It that has few, if any, rivals on the market that can do what the Cobb Cooker can. Cobb stands behinds its promise of high quality by offering a 2 year international warranty. The Cobb Cooker’s unique design and multi-functionality has seen the Cobb brand establish itself in over 42 countries around the world. Cobb is available from Australia, America and Canada to Europe, Japan and Korea and enjoyed by thousands of food enthusiasts.


The Cobb Cooker can reach temperatures of up to 450°C while remaining cool to the touch on the outside of the base. With as little as 300g of charcoal the Cobb Cooker can cook delicious food for up to 2 hours due to its award winning, patented airflow design that maximizes heat retention. The uniqueness and attraction of the Cobb lies in the simplicity of its design and its ability to effortlessly go from barbecuing and grilling, to roasting, steaming, baking, stewing, frying and even smoking. Anything that can be cooked in a kitchen can be cooked on a Cobb Cooker.


There are currently 5 models of the Cobb Cooker with more than 10 interchangeable add-ons and accessories. The Cobb Premier is the flagship unit of the Cobb Cooker series and is by far the most popular unit worldwide thanks to its stylish stainless steel mesh base that is both functional and eye catching. The Cobb Pro was developed as a more economical version of the already popular Cobb Premier. The Cobb Pro functions in exactly the same way as the Cobb Premier and only differs in the base which is made of powder coated mild steel as opposed to the stainless steel mesh of the Cobb Premier. The Cobb Supreme was Cobb International’s answer to a demand for a bigger Cobb Cooker. And true to Cobb International’s ethos of “Anything, Anywhere, Anytime!” the Cobb Supreme, although more than 70% bigger, only weighs 50% more maintaining high portability. The Cobb Gas uses butane as a fuel source eliminating the need for charcoal altogether. Then, there is the recently added Cobb Compact. This is a smaller lighter unit for even more portability.

Cobb has numerous features that make it a world leader in outdoor cooking. To find out more about this, click on the FAQ tab in the menu at the bottom of the page.

Over the past decade Cobb International has won many awards and accolades for it Cobb Cookers. Voted best outdoor cooker and receiving 2 prestigious VESTA awards and being voted by TIME Magazine as “One of the Best Inventions of 2001”. The Cobb Cooker is your kitchen in a box that allows you to cook Anything, Anywhere, Anytime! and liberate the chef in you!

The whole Cobb series of products and accessories is designed and developed in South Africa by our very capable and forward thinking team in Johannesburg. Due to cost constraints production and manufacturing of the Cobb range had to be moved to China. Quality is of major importance and concern to Cobb International and as such quality control is closely monitored and scrutinized at every level in the factory with many materials being specifically imported. Cobb International is always innovating new products and refining existing ones to ensure its valued customers get the best out of each use of the Cobb Cooker.



Many outdoor cookers promote themselves as portable cookers but forget to mention it is portable with conditions. Many have to be left to cool four hours after use or sprayed with water. Others have to be collapsed taken apart and reassembled which is time consuming. The Cobb is a cooker on the go that is always ready to go. Weighing only 4.5kg it is light enough for a child to carry. The heavy duty Cobb Carrier Bag fits securely around the Cobb Cooker and allows it to be carried like a regular bag. The space inside the Cobb Cooker gives ample room to pack in some extras.

The Cobb Cooker is unrivalled when it comes to the versatility of this unit. Cobb works as a kitchen oven, an outdoor smoker, a charcoal grill, a foods steamer, and baker and even a roaster. There is practically nothing that can not be cooked on a Cobb Cooker barring a spit roast. Bake pizzas, breads, bread rolls and even cakes. Roast red meats, white meats, fish, seafood tofu and vegetables. Grill anything your heart desires. Fry eggs, breakfast, pancakes or crepes. Smoke meat, fish and cheeses. Cook curries, stews, casseroles soups and so much more.


The Cobb provides a healthier way of cooking as it is designed to drain oils and fats away from food and then keep it away from the heat source rendering the Cobb Cooker virtually smokeless. In being virtually smokeless, many of the known charcoal cooking carcinogens are kept off food and out of your body.


Cobb International uses only the finest quality, food grade stainless steel, high grade Dupoint Teflon coating and quality, food grade aluminum for all its products and accessories. These materials are used as they help the Cobb Cooker stand up to even the most corrosive conditions encountered while cooking outdoors. This in turn ensures that your Cobb Cooker lasts for years and keeps you Cobbing.


Many outdoor cookers cook very well but go through charcoal as if it were for free. Using excessive amounts of charcoal not only damages forests where the wood is harvested but creates carbon dioxide pollution when burnt. The Cobb Cooker is able to cook for over 2 hours on as little as 300g of charcoal or 8-10 briquettes.


It is one of the safest outdoor cookers, grills, barbecues, smokers on the market today as the base on the outside does not get hot even though the food inside is sizzling at well over 400°C. This means cooking on plastic or wooden tables presents no danger if basic safety measures are implemented. By staying cool to the touch around the base, it is also safer for younger children to join in and enjoy a family cook up as well.


the Cobb cooker from a barbecue to a kitchen-in-a-box

The Cobb Cooker has come a very long way since its humble beginnings more than a decade ago. A simple idea for using an eco-friendly fuel source to provide new cooking methods for the rural masses to reduce deforestation resulted in the invention that revolutionized the outdoor cooking world.


The Cobb Cooker was initially designed to use discarded corn cobs as a fuel source. This is where the name Cobb originated. Millions of trees are cut down every year in Africa to be used as a fuel source for cooking and this has led to numerous other problems. Corn, being a staple food in many areas of Sub-Saharan Africa, naturally became an available fuel source. Cobb International focused on this in their initial designs.


Corn cobs are not a very dense material thus their heat dissipates rapidly and as a result they burn up very quickly. With this problem Cobb International came up with the development of the Cobb Dome Cover as well as its patented airflow design. Before long, friends, family and acquaintances were all asking for their very own corn cob cooker and so the brand Cobb was born.