Cook Anything, Anywhere, Anytime.


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Versatile Cobb Cooking System Accessories 

Unique Outdoor Cooking Experiences

When it comes to cooking, versatility now has a face - COBB. The Cobb Cooker is already a product that few other outdoor or portable cookers can compete against. With this range of accessories the Cobb Cooker’s true versatility and uniqueness, that sets it apart from all other outdoor cooking units, becomes apparent. Your imagination is the only limit to your Cobb cooking experience with these fantastic add on accessories. Whether you are cooking, barbecuing, roasting, frying, baking, steaming, grilling or sautéing you can now truly cook Anything, Anywhere, Anytime!

The accessories are all Cobb Global quality gauranteed and as such come with a 2 year international warranty. This shows that we as Cobb are willing to stand behind our word of bringing you the best cooking experiences time and again.

All accessories are meant for that unit are interchangable with no mess of fuss. This allows you to go from frying to baking in seconds saving you valuable time and effort. Ever wanted to smaoke your own meat? The accessories that Cobb has produced give you a whole new world of possiblilities. Click on an accessory below to see how they can be used.