Cook Anything, Anywhere, Anytime.


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These are the units in the Cobb range. The basic function of each unit is the same and the quality is Cobb Global guaranteed.
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The Cobb cooking system has revolutionized the way outdoor cooking is done. The units themselves are simple to use and a breeze to clean as all parts are dishwasher safe. The patented airflow design is not the only feature that places the Cobb units in a league of their own. The quality and usability in terms of all the different functions a single unit can perform are endless. 
All the units operate in the same basic way. The differences come in their size, fuel source or finish. 
Take each unit to the next level by checking out the variety of accessories that allow the Cobb to truly Cook Anything, Anywhere,Anytime. The lightweight design means the Cobb is so portable anyone can take it with them wherever they go. The patented airflow design takes heat away from the base making the Cobb a much safer way to cook meaning the kids can now join in on the fun if they want to. 
Cobb is one of the healthiest ways to cook food as the cooking surface is designed to keep the fats and oils from foods draining away from the food. This oil does not come in contact with the coals or fuel source meaning there are no unhealthy carcinogens created that may stick to your food.
The Cobb cooking system is a healthier, more environmantally-friendly, and versatile way to make cooking outdoors or on a balcony fun again.